Harprit Gill

Financial Advisor

Harprit Gill is a Financial Advisor, Social Worker, Community Leader and Entrepreneur. With a Bachelors of Social Work from Ryerson University, Harprit has over fifteen years of experience in community work, program and business development, as well as project management.


After graduating from post-secondary education, Harprit was determined to learn more about business ownership, as well as making her first home purchase. She went to her local bank to meet with a Financial Advisor to acquire information about mortgages and business loans. This determination was quickly turned into disappointment, as she was turned away and was refused information until she acquired $60 000 in her bank account. 


Realizing that financial resources were limited to lower to middle class people, she sought further assistance and was fortunate enough to have met a Financial Advisor from World Financial Group. This is where she started to learn the rules of money and realized the valuable Information Canadians are missing and why it’s been so difficult for most of the population to build generational wealth.

Harprit is certified Financial Advisor through Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). She ensures understand each of her clients unique financial situation to implement the best strategies for them to reach their financial goals by completing a thorough financial needs analysis. Everyone has a unique situation and it is imperative that every family and individual has a plan that helps them reach their goals and dreams. Harprit works with many financial institutions from the big banks, insurance firms and investment companies where has the ability to be bias free from any one company and get her clients what's best for them.

Harprit ensures to provide a rare environment in which anyone can feel safe & comfortable to discuss taboo topics like money management. A diverse, judgement free space where education can be turned into a life long skill used to uplift our Canadians. She is on a mission to change the lives of everyday individuals and families, who normally do not have access to solid financial resources and products. She aspires to help underserved Canadian families achieve their financial goals by teaching them the fundamentals of personal finances through a holistic, community-based, educational approach so everyone is capable of making sound financial decisions.