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Interactive Workshops

Looking to learn the basics or even expanding your knowledge on how money works? Harprit Gill’s interactive workshops offer just that! 


Taking a non-conventional approach to finances by using fun and engaging activities to learn concepts and rules. Workshops cover topics such as: budgeting, saving, investments, life insurance, estate planning, retirement planning, children’s education plan, taxes, entrepreneurship and more.

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Motivational Speaking

Looking for someone to energize your community or your business? Then look no further! Harprit is relatable and passionate when it comes to prioritizing financial literacy. She breaks down finance in a culturally inclusive way by connecting community to business. Harprit says it how people need to hear it, but uses her compassion as the driving force to motivate any crowd.


One-on-One Consultations

During this process, Harprit takes a snap shoot of each client’s personal finances to ensure the most accurate advice is provided. Each individuals solutions are unique to their personal goals and situations. The best part about these one-on-one consultations are that they are free!


Financial Products

World Financial Group is connected to 72 various financial institutions and even more products. The ability to have access to all these products allows Harprit to create the right solutions for each client– whether if it’s from life and/or business insurance, investments, debt management, estate planning, tax sheltering, mortgage and more.


Entrepreneur Mentorship

Looking to start a business, but don’t know exactly how to get started? Harprit provides business start up consultation and mentorship at low costs.